Why is necessary to wash at high temperature every few months?

Your washing machine is a microbial hotel-spa. Bacteria and germs return to this device every time you throw dirty underwear or socks. And this happens every day. The washing machine is warm and humid, so microbes like to relax and multiply here. A true paradise for these microscopic organisms that do not fascinate us.

What to do to get rid of them? This is not a fly and no spray. More radical measures will have to be taken. You will need to wash your washing machine at the highest temperature. Blank. Make sure you do not try to wash the rest of the socks at the highest temperature - they will only be suitable for dolls after washing. Why is this process necessary? We'll explain everything in detail.

Bacteria in the washing machine

Bacteria and fungus in the washing machine are natural guests. The drum guards are always moist even after drying, making the bacteria an ideal medium for living and reproduction. And there is no washing machine without this process. Bacteria reign more abundantly and less. But this does not require a washing machine change. Just look at one of its features. All manufacturers are aware of unwanted microscopic guests, so they have created a special mode that boils water up to 90 degrees.

90 degree mode

Most bacteria are known to die at 60 degrees. Most, but not all. There are microorganisms that can withstand this temperature and after washing at 60 degrees (usually this mode is used to wash very dirty clothes, because in hot water, dirt repels more effectively). For this reason, the washing machine has a single mode, which is capable of heating water up to 90 degrees. Such water kills 99.99% of all bacteria. Why not 100%? That 0.01% is made up of highly resistant bacteria that can survive in space. You don't have to worry about it because there are very few left.

This 90 degree regime should run every few months or even less if you use liquid detergents. Some sources recommend washing your prophylactic washing machine once a month, although once every six months is definitely enough.

Preventive washing

Manufacturers recommend that you run a preventive wash at least once every few months at 90 degrees. During this wash, all cavities are filled with almost boiling water to completely eliminate unwanted microorganisms. Detergent residues, fungus, and dirt in the pipes are removed from the washing machine. Special measures are also available specifically for preventive washing. They help to disperse dirt and disinfect the washing machine parts.

Just do not wash any clothes during the prophylaxis. The washing machine is running at maximum capacity, which can cause laundry to be damaged. Especially if you wash natural materials. Colored fabric at this temperature is likely to lose some of its color and wool shrinks to a minimum. Why damage tissue?

Although white linen, towels made of certain materials can be washed in 90 degree mode. Whether your fabrics will rise to that temperature depends on the fabric manufacturer's designation. Always look for the inscribed bathtub and the 90 on the inside. If this mark is crossed out, do not wash the fabric.

Rinse your washing machine prophylactically and it will last longer and more efficiently.