Water filters with WiFi. Is it worth choosing?

Everyone would probably agree that a good water filtration system is essential in both the home and industrial environments. Water of the highest quality, softness and excellent chemical composition will provide excellent water for everyday use and will not cause problems to your water system.

This article is about the major water filters and news in the water filter market - the ability to control the system remotely using WiFi and its efficiency. Are these water filters really worth your attention?

Water Filter Types

Transparency filters

Water clarification is the process whereby a filter is used to completely purify water from mechanical waste - sand, silt, clay chips and other debris from the pipeline.

The primary function of such a filter is to purify water from primary sediment, protect your home appliances, and ensure your plumbing is working properly.

Drinking water filters

The second type is filters for drinking water. The purpose of these filters is simple and clear - to provide the residents with the cleanest drinking water possible. It is also the most popular type of filter because every housekeeper wants clean and clean water in their home.

This type of filter can be used for direct treatment of well water as well as for pre-filtration water.

Removal and softening filters

If the water coming from the borehole emits an unpleasant odor and is brown, dark in color, these are signs of iron water.

Apart from the possibility of damaging household appliances, the water system or leaving stains on the clothes, it can also cause health problems if used regularly.

Removal and softening filters are filters that separate iron particles from water by oxidation. And later, the water is generally softened.

New on the market - Smart filter controlled by WiFi

Think how great it would be if you had a filtering system that would not only do its job well - softening, cleaning or clarifying, but at the same time accessible with just a few buttons on your mobile phone.

One of the leaders in the Lithuanian water filter market - Pribus offers its customers to try this type of filtration system.

Why does this technology help housewives?

The smart water filtration option is:

  • Facilitates access to filters (which regulate water transparency, softness)
  • Lets you check the filter status (clogged or needing to be replaced)
  • See other water related issues.

Simply control the filter activity on your phone screen and see if everything is in place with the plumbing. This way, you will always know how your filter works and provide clean water in the home environment.

If you are interested in this type of technology, visit the Pribus website for more detailed information on all types of WiFi-controlled filters. Competent company consultants will help you with any issues that matter to you.