The newest Hoover built-in home appliances

There are certain brands that automatically associate with high quality. It is certainly no secret that Apple, Tesla, Miele products are not cheap. This is due to the highest requirements for product quality. Such brands could include Hoover. If by now we all knew that Miele and Siemens produce the highest quality household appliances, we should now meet another player in this market 

Hoover is an American company that has been in business for over 100 years. There is a need to talk a bit more about this company to avoid misunderstandings. Hoover is split into two parts that are owned by different owners. Hoover is known in the US as a manufacturer of exclusive vacuum cleaners. In Europe and the UK, Hoover is a manufacturer of high quality household appliances. It belongs to the Candy group of companies, the latter of which originates in Italy. Thus, two different companies across the Atlantic produce extremely high quality household appliances.

Another interesting fact - Hoover has always been famous for its vacuum cleaners. The English word 'hoover' means 'vacuumed'. Since the company was named after the founder, this word has gained such meaning only in the last century. Only Xerox, whose name has become synonymous with copying, boasts such an "honor". Other home appliances have never been a priority for Hoover until 1995, when Candy acquired the European Hoover division. Then the Italians began to pay more attention to home appliances, as the Candy brand was little known and was no longer associated with luxury and high quality products. By the way, another well-known brand Haier bought itself a couple of years ago.

Hoover built-in home appliances

Recently, Hoover has been expanding its business and range. One unusual fact proves this: the company has begun manufacturing built-in home appliances. Yes, until recently Hoover home appliances were stationary, not built-in. We will not analyze the solutions, but will review the latest range of built-in home appliances. It is not particularly plentiful compared to other manufacturers.

Gas hobs. Exceptional quality gas hobs are extremely technologically advanced. Of course, the famous Italian designers have also put their hands up to make the Hoover hotplates not only work flawlessly but also look modest but stylish. This is noteworthy for the HF7 and HF9 models, which look completely different from conventional gas hobs. The gas does not come from special burners, but from the body itself, which is one piece, and the pot is placed on a storage platform that rises just a couple of centimeters. The burners are hidden under a protective cover, which means that the hob is only slightly raised above the countertop. The cast iron surface looks extremely impressive. The control wheels have a bluish illumination that resembles the flame of a burning gas. This is a truly impressive home appliance worth every euro.

Induction hobs. Induction hobs are no longer news. It is a practical and much needed household appliance. Hobs are modest in design but extremely reliable in operation and easy to operate.
Built-in dishwashers. The built-in dishwasher has all the features of modern dishwashers.

Built-in ovens. The ovens are stylish enough in their exterior. Mostly silver or black. The controls are tailored to everyone's habits - can be operated with the wheel, buttons.

Built-in washers and dryers. These are two separate devices. Hoover focuses on functionality and reliability.

Built-in refrigerators. Hoover does not have many models of refrigerators, but they will immediately attract the attention of compact kitchen proponents. These are extremely small built-in refrigerators - one-third the size of a normal refrigerator.
Built-in wine refrigerators. Stylish and practical wine refrigerators maintain the required humidity and temperature for quality table wine. Rare devices that are found more and more frequently in Lithuanian homes.

Hoover home appliances are characterized by their innovative solutions. Some models can be controlled by smartphone using the special Hoover Wizard app.