Is it worth to choose oven with microwave functions?

Built-in ovens without hotplates are a good choice when creating a stylish and comfortable kitchen. At the moment, the market is full of ovens, with a wealth of functions. One of the most modern choices is the oven with microwave function. The main manufacturers of these ovens are SIEMENS, BOSCH, CANDY, GORENJE, AEG and ELECTROLUX. How special are these ovens?

Advantages of the microwave oven:

  • Functionality - oven and microwave in one.
  • Very suitable for medium or small houses, saving space.
  • A good choice when you don't want to waste time and choose several devices.
  • Suitable for those who cook little and some appliance - microwave or oven - is rarely used.
  • Enjoy those who like to experiment. It is easy and quick to combine two cooking methods.
  • You can easily warm drinks, food and even a baby bottle.
  • Easy to clean only one device, saving time.
  • Stylish and easy to use.
  • Possibility to choose the right size (compact up to 46 cm high and standard 60 cm high oven).
  • Color selection (black, white, black and metal combination).
  • Many cooking modes: top, bottom, stew, etc.

In addition, microwave ovens often have:

  • Convenient user interface (touch screen, LED lighting).
  • Automatic cleaning system (pyrolysis, hydrolysis).
  • Electronic door lock (eg on models BOSCH CMG6764B1, SIEMENS HM676G0S1).
  • Additional, advanced features (eg temperature setting, auto shut-off).
  • Telescopic grille, meat thermometer, various sensors, etc. attachments.

The biggest disadvantage of the oven with microwave function is the price.

Just because of the convenience, the microwave oven is quite expensive. Prices range from a few hundred to a couple of thousand euros. The price of the oven with microwave function depends on the manufacturer, capacity, energy class, control and cleaning system.

For example, automatic cleaning by pyrolysis or hydrolysis significantly increases the cost of the product. Microwave ovens with a higher energy efficiency class cost more, but this is not always a decisive factor. So, for a low-energy lower capacity model, you will pay almost the same amount as a higher capacity, higher- energy class oven (the same manufacturer). So, before buying a product, consider what is more important - the size of the microwave oven or the potentially higher cost of electricity.

Generally speaking, a microwave oven can be a great choice for modern people who love minimalism, functionality and modern design. The ability to choose the right size of the oven will be very useful in small homes, when it comes to wise use of space. Classic-color ovens are perfect for contemporary interiors. However, every consumer, having regard to his needs and the price of the product, should decide for himself whether this investment will benefit him.