Is it worth choosing an ironing system?

Do you know what an ironing system is and how it differs from an iron? There are very few differences, so you can get the wrong idea about these devices. In this article, we will consider whether it is worth choosing an ironing system instead of a simple iron.

Ironing systems - 3 forms

The ironing system is a steam iron. How that vapor is transmitted is another matter. Traditionally, the iron itself may have a small steam capacity. They are long lasting, and the device itself becomes heavy and inefficient in energy consumption, as the water in the special tank must be heated to 100 degrees at all times. Ironing systems manufacturers make 3 types of ironing systems:

1. Hanger. She looks like a vacuum cleaner with some sort of rack on which to hang her clothes. Then a hose is taken and steam is sprayed on the hanged shirts, jackets, dresses. Adjustable stand height allows you to level upright without bending.
2. Attachment to Ironing Board. A special steam generator is mounted on any ironing board. There is a hose from the generator to the rectifier to supply hot steam and electricity. Sometimes such an ironing system is sold with an ironing board, which still has additional features but requires quite a lot of storage space.
3. Steam generator - ironing case. The iron is placed on a small, compact tray that is filled with water and heated there.

These three different ironing systems are designed for people with different ironing needs. The ironing board with fixed steam generator takes up a lot of space and is intended for professional use. This means that it is very powerful and dedicated to working several hours a day. It is almost a professional ironing machine, more suitable for small clothes dryers, shops, rental salons. There is rarely so much ironing at home unless you have 10 kids. Why do we say semi-professional technique? Professionals use special ironing presses. By the way, they can also be purchased for a home or service company from an online store.

The hanging ironing system is usually used for ironing formal clothes - shirts, suits, jackets, pants, blouses. Such ironing systems are chosen by people with business dress code "business" or "business casual". It works quickly and efficiently. Moreover, it is often used not only for ironing but also for reviving clothes. For example, if the clothing is clean, it is not necessary to wash it after a day's wear. Unpleasant odors are removed after a dose of steam, and the fabric is also cleansed of perspiration.

Steam iron - probably the most efficient ironing system for any size family. This system is much more efficient than a simple steam iron, and it looks very compact and quite stylish, not to mention the other two forms of ironing systems.

Is it worth choosing an ironing system or an iron?

You can easily answer this question yourself. How many hours a week do you spend on ironing? If for 1-2 hours, don't really screw yourself with ironing systems. You need a simple iron and a simple ironing board in the closet. Of course, the iron can also come with steam. Its really enough.

If you are ironing several clothes every day and you need to go to work formal dressing, we recommend a hanging ironing system. In the morning, you pull off, turn on, hang up your shirt or blouse, spend a couple of minutes swiping with a steam brush, and that's it - your clothes are just about washed. Of course, it is advisable to have an iron as well, as you will not be able to make a pair of trouser pleats with this system. But nowadays suits often have no pleats, so ironing systems will definitely be enough to refresh your pants.

If you have a lot of children, your family is big and you need ironing a few hours a week (with an iron), we recommend investing those several hundred or even thousands and more in a steam generator ironing system. You will certainly speed up the ironing process at least twice, which means you will be ironing faster. Ironing is often not your favorite job, so no one will give up on reducing the time spent on the iron.

The ironing system is a high energy consuming device. Therefore, always look for A + products when making your choice. Power is also very important. A weak appliance heats up water more slowly, which prolongs the preparation process for ironing. The 2000 Watt device heats up much faster than the 800, so we recommend choosing a more powerful one. The weaker one heats up longer and the electricity is used for practically the same amount. 

An important technological moment is the descaling filters. Mostly we use water directly from the tap in our homes. This is not a good solution because some of the heavy substances in the water also fall on the ironed clothes. As a result, virtually all manufacturers have their own descaling filters to purify and prepare water for evaporation. If the filter becomes dirty quickly, it must be replaced. Distilled water is used to avoid changing filters anymore.

When choosing ironing systems, pay attention not only to prices but also to manufacturers. Not-so-famous names do not mean that the products are inferior, as this is a rather specific area where the leaders of the manufacturers are slightly different than usual with other home appliances.