How to correctly assemble a new TV?

When you buy a new TV, another great task awaits you - assembling and turning on the TV. Here are some helpful tips on how to do this without breaking your new TV. Don't laugh! You can't even imagine how many TVs are broken just by unpacking them. In this case, the free warranty repair is void and loss is inevitable ...

Work with the TV for two

TV is not a heavy thing, but it's big enough and awkward. For this reason, always assemble and install it with assistance. It will always be easier for the two of you, starting from the titanic task of pulling the TV out of its foam guard box to the wall. The second person must necessarily be an adult. Not because the TV is heavy and requires physical strength. For demanding diligence and diligence.

Place the TV screen side down

Yes, that's right - screen down. This is the official recommendation of most manufacturers and is included in the installation instructions. Why? We will explain.

Have you noticed that the TV screen is enclosed in a special bag made of soft foam. After all, it could be wrapped in film and both, but not, a special bag is used for the screen. Do not remove it until you have assembled the stand or feet of the TV and attached it to the bottom of the TV cabinet. You can only do this when the TV is facing down. To make the screen more secure, place a blanket on the desk before placing the screen on it.

The TV stand is always mounted on the back of the TV with at least 4 screws. To make it easier to mount the stand, position the screen so that it is on the very edge of the table or sofa. You won't have to push it this way.

Even when you mount the TV on the wall, still lay it down and cut the protective bag at the back with scissors. You can then attach the brackets to the back. Avoid placing the TV on the edges. Some models have control buttons that can be damaged during installation. In addition, the TV is unstable. Under no circumstances should you place the TV on the wall. It will definitely slip and fall on the screen to the floor ... Maybe nothing will happen, but the screen may get scratched.

Note the shape of the switch

When installing the TV on a wall near an electrical outlet, pay attention to the shape of the power cord switch. Some models have it curved, while others are true. The curved switch saves space so the socket can be closer to the body. If the socket is high enough, apply it to the TV screen. Note that there will be more space at the top than at the bottom of the screen.

If there is no rosette on the wall, you will have to hide the wires. This can be done without breaking the wall - just buy a thin plastic trough for wires. Just think about whether all the cables will fit there if you connect an HDMI cable to your PC and game console.


When you hang the TV on the wall, wiring remains the biggest problem in the interior. And there may be quite a few: an HDMI cable to connect a computer, another HDMI cable for a game console, an internet cable (needed to watch foreign TV services that already have 4K content), a TV antenna cable or a digital TV set-top box, cable to a home theater or audio system and, of course, power cables. Interestingly, those 5 wires occur quite often. How to mask them?

One option is to break the wall and hide them there. Another option is much simpler if the wall is made of drywall. A couple of special openings are needed to pull the wires. One under the TV bracket and the other under the floor. Then all the wires will be removed. Another special cable tray is used, which is easily painted in the same color as the wall. Then it does not strike that eye.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can remove the protective bag when the TV is hung (do two) or stationary. Until then, let the protective material stay in place and protect the screen from scratching.