How to choose an ice cream maker?

Do you enjoy ice cream and spend tens of euros a month on them? Time to think about an ice cream maker. This article will give you some tips on how to choose a home ice cream maker. They are different from commercial ones used by cafes and ice cream shops, so you should pay attention to some specific features.

Do you really need an ice cream maker?

If you eat ice cream once a week, it is unlikely that such a machine is needed - just buy larger ice cream packages from the store and save. As you can see, the ice cream bought from the store does not smell ecologically and naturally. If you need really natural ice cream, then an ice cream maker is required. You will only need cream and milk - you will choose sweets and additives according to your taste and wisdom.
If your family is big and they all are the sweets lovers, the ice cream maker will definitely be useful. Children will certainly enjoy the home-made ice cream and the process of making and serving them.

How ice cream makers work

These are quite simple devices. They have a compressor that cools a special container. Milk and cream are the main ingredients in ice cream. A special motor turns the mixer, the compressor cools it all, and the electronics watches the temperature and tells when ice cream is prepared. Really nothing complicated, but manually turning the ice into a very complicated process, which this relatively inexpensive device greatly facilitates.

How to choose an ice cream maker to make the very best ice cream

Because the machine is simple, there are very many specific features. But there are some things to look out for.

1. Type of refrigeration dish. There are two types of devices - one of the mixing dishes should be cooled in the freezer to 25-30 degrees before making ice. There is no need to refrigerate other dishware - they do it themselves. Who is better? Specialists advise to make ice cream in a slightly frozen dish, because then ice crystals are smaller. Unless you need a sherbet (frozen fruit juice) for which larger ice crystals give extra flavor to the magic. So look at what's going to be frozen and not. It depends on the time the ice cream is prepared and the amount of electricity consumed, since the appliance must be frozen by the appliance before it is frozen, but only then to start making ice cream.
2. Capacity of the freezing dish. Some models are 0.7 liter, others 1.5 liters. Of course, the price is changing, because the larger dish costs more, it needs more electricity. How do you know if you have enough capacity? Very simply - one person can eat 100-250 ml ice cream at a time. If you put more in the cup, they just dissolve before you eat. So if you enjoy two or three ice creams, a small appliance with a 0.7 liter mixing dish will suffice. If your family is 4-6 people, a 1 liter container will suffice. If guests come often and need to prepare a larger amount of ice cream, look for a machine with a 1.5 liter container. It will be enough for 10 servings of ice cream. Of course, the price of such a large device will be higher than the price of a small one.
3. Single or double ice cream container. How to prepare two flavors of ice at a time? This is possible if you have dual ice cream appliance devices. Everything works in the same way as in single-bowl models - you need to add two different (or the same) ice-cream mixes to making ice cream. Because the container is usually 1 liter, you can make up to 2 liters of ice cream at a time.
4. Cooling modes. Do you like soft ice or hard? Or maybe you enjoy sherbet, natural yogurt? To prepare ice of different consistency, you will need an ice cream maker with different modes. Typical and inexpensive devices usually have two modes - soft and hard (soft and hard). If the machine is more complicated and expensive, there will probably be more modes there. Some models even have 12. Some of the controls on the buttons alone are difficult, so these devices also feature an LED display that provides all the control functions.
5. Ice cream preparation time. The better the machine, the faster the ice is prepared. Simple ice cream makers produce ice for about 50-70 minutes. Part of the time can be used to cool the bowl. Expensive and powerful ice cream makers make ice production much faster - 30-40 minutes. They are not very susceptible to electricity, so electricity costs are not necessary.

We also recommend paying attention to the fact that the package contains a special spoon of ice cream, because the hard ice-skim is not so easy. Some manufacturers also add small ice cream recipes. This way the ice cream will never become a routine...

Some tips on making ice cream

If you've already purchased an ice cream maker, keep in mind a few things:
• Ice cream can be eaten right away, but keeping them in the freezer for a couple of hours after cooking will improve the taste. This is due to the size of the ice crystals. The smaller they are, the softer and softer the ice cream.
• If you are not going to eat ice cream immediately after making, take some seasoning before putting it in the freezer. These may include nuts, berries, syrups, honey, muesli, etc. Then you can put in the freezer and eat after a few hours or days.
• Even if the manufacturer does not insist on freezing the container before making ice, still cool it in the freezer - save time.
• Not all ice cream containers are suitable for further use. This means that when you take the container you cannot simply hang ice from it by a metal spoon. Or put that dish in the freezer and finish the ice the next time. Check the instructions to see if this can be done.
• Ice cream making machines do not always work quietly, so keep in mind that you can hear the buzz and sounds of the mixer.

Now your ice cream will certainly be natural, or even ecological, if you buy organic dairy products and natural sweeteners. Enjoy your ice cream.