How to choose a washing machine

The washing machine is one of several household appliances that must be in every home. If your washing machine is small, old, or you have not had one before (it happens when you live in rented apartments ...), pay attention to a few important moments. They will help you choose a washing machine accordingtothe price, but according to what you really need.

Price vs functions

The main mistake in buying a washing machine is the choice according to the price. The lower the pricedoes not mean that the washing machine is right for you. Maybe it would be better to save some money and pay 100-200 EUR more than you planed, but then, enjoy a high-quality and perfectly functioning washing machinefor many years? The price hunters are constantly understands where did they lose…

Another important point is the evaluation of functions. If you are a young family, think about what you will need when you get children. And maybe they will be two or even three? Washing 3 times a day, many washing machines are simply not dedicated for that...

Are you allergic? This does not mean that your children will not be allergic. Therefore, it is recommended to consider carefully whether anti-allergic washing functions will be required. It's a function that will save you a lot of work, time and nerve cells.

Please note that the washing machine will be used for at least 5-7 years. Maybe even longer. It's not a smartphone that you can easily change after 2 years.

Opening from front or top?

In the United States, washing machines are more popular with opening from the top, while reigningin Europe are with opening from the front. Both have minuses with a loading. A top loaded washing machine is not very comfortable for people with low height, because collectingwashed socks from the bottom can be a problem. Of course, when you climb on a chair, it can be done. A front loaded washing machine requires you to kneel down in front of it in the direct sense of the word. Yes, you need to squat down or even kneel down to put laundry. It suffers your back and joints.

Also there is an improved option - a double washing machine with two drums –one is for loading from the front and another is for loading from the top. This washing machine is tall so you do not need to bend to load laundry. The problem is that it costs more than 1000 euros ...

The most popular washing machines in the Lithuania is with opening from the front, so we recommend to choose exactly that.

Washing machine with dryer?

The washing machine usually only has to wash clothes. To dry clothes have a separate dryer. If you want a tumble dryer and do not have much space, do not upset - the tumble dryer can be placed directly on the top of the washing machine. Please note that it must be witg opening from the front.

Also there area mixedwashing machines with a dryer function. But a rare model can achieve the drying quality that a separate dryer can do ... The laundry will be almost dry. If it's suitable for you, choose a washerdryer combo - save space on your balcony, because it will be enough to hold the laundry in the room, you will not need to hang them up for drying.

5 or 8 kg?

When you looking over at washing machines in the store or online, you will see that everyone kilograms is mentioned. This is the weight of the laundry that you can put into the drum. It does not depend on drum capacity in liters. In more spacious and larger drums, laundry is drilled and dried more efficiently than in small ones. But let's go back to weight. If you are only two, it will be enough to have 5 kg. If you have children or you intend to have them, look for models with of 8 or even 9 kilograms of weight.

By the way, if you are looking for a washer dryer combo, the weight of the drying laundry may vary. So, if you fill up thedrum and and don’t take out part of them, drying will not be very effective.

Energy class

Like every appliance, washing machines also have their own energy classes. We recommend to choose for A ++ or A +++ class models. They saves electricity. By the way, saving water in this place doesn’t depends on energy class. It depends on the functions and washing cycles, not the amount of time it takes for washing.

Depth of washing machine

Typically, washing machines are quite large appliances. Their depth is 60 cm. In addition a further 10 cm for wires and water hoses near the wall should be reserved. So you have to place about 70 cm in your bathroom. If you do not have one, you need to look for a more compact washing machines. There are models with a depth of 40-44 cm. This will save you quite a lot of space.

We can recommend a wall mounted washing machine for those who very saves a place. It hangs just on the wall and is very small. Of course, she does not wash a lot of laundry - just 3 kilograms. Ideal appliance in single-bud apartment.

Most important features

To onesimportant function is to control the machine with a smartphone while others need a classic wheel to set a programs. Everything is very personal, so we will remind you of the key functions of the washing machine, which can affect the choice of certain models.

Anti-allergy function- it means the ability to steam the laundry for some time. In this way, all microbes and parasites, which are the cause of various allergies, are destroyed. This fits to woolen laundry, which can not be washed at high temperatures (microorganisms die at 60-70 degrees).
Weighing the laundry - most of the models weighs the laundry, but not all drum’scan adjust the rotational speed by weight. This reduces the level of vibration and noise.

Washing delay of up to 23 hours - is a very necessary feature. You go out to work in the morning, set your laundry to start washing after 9 hours, and when you return from work, you find just nowwashed which just need to be hang up for drying. Very comfortable and practical.

Self -cleaning program - once a month, it is recommended to run the empty washing machine so that it does not leave dirt and free from fungus and other unnecessary organisms. After all, the washing machine stays in the bathroom, where it is often moist enough. This makes the self-cleaning function very useful.

Stopping the washing- is a function of stopping the laundry at any time and putting extra laundry that you may have forgotten. Samsung has developed a way to put extra laundry without stopping the washing, but it is a unitary models that costs quite a lot.

Control screen - not everyone likes wheels and buttons. LED display is modern way to control a washing machine. For now it is not a standard, and due to more smartcontrol, the price of a product is also slightly higher.

The color of the washing machine may also be important. Most commonlycolourof the washing machine is white, but it also comes in black or metal or just gray. Choosing this is important, especially if the bathroom furniture is just being ordered or is being planned for purchase.

We hope this information will help you to choose a washing machine for your home. Remember to negotiate the final price. After all it!

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