How to choose a massage table?

A good massage depends on several important moments - the ability and experience of the masseur, the environment in which the massage is performed and the table. A good masseuse does not give birth, becomes a physiotherapist after a course of physiotherapy and continuous improvement of knowledge and practice. The environment can be created in virtually any room with the help of lighting tricks, incense, and relaxing music. Unfortunately, the table itself cannot be made, it is simply purchased. Massage tables are quite expensive and you should evaluate the expediency of the investment before buying. Do You Really Need An Expensive Or Conversely Cheap Desk?

Things to look out for before choosing a massage table, which is now also available online.

Stationary or portable?

First you need to know exactly where you will be performing the massage. If you do this at home, where you can allocate a small room or corner, you will likely be able to set up and move the table from there. If you do not have a permanent workplace, you will have to look for a mobile massage table.

What is the difference between them? The mobile table folds into a large suitcase size There are even special bags or bags for carrying such a table, as it is not always convenient to carry it over long distances by the handle.
Unfortunately, you won't be able to bring a stationary table so easily.

Another key moment is that the table bed in a stationary table is continuous, one plane, and folding - two. This slightly reduces comfort.

Mobile table frame is made of aluminum alloy or wood. It is important that it is light enough when you need to carry it.

Table height adjustment

The height of the table should vary according to the height of the patient / client. A smaller person will not climb comfortably on a tall table, and there may be some fear of height. Yes, even while lying on the massage table. The most important thing is patient comfort, so the table height must be adjustable. The stationary table has hydraulic height adjustment mechanisms that can lower or increase the height while the customer is lying on it. The mobile massage table should be adjustable before the procedure and offer the client to lie down on it.

The mobile table has a very good feature - it can be folded and placed directly on the floor. This may be useful for certain types of oriental massage (Reiki, Shiatsu) rather than physiotherapy. The stationary table is reduced to a few centimeters. In addition, some types of massage are performed while the masseur is seated. For this reason, it is also important to adjust the height of the table, as the masseur's knees will simply not fit when sitting on a chair.
Some fixed desks have an electrical connection, so the height is controlled by the control panel.

Face cushion and hand holder

Specialists recommend purchasing massage tables where the head and arm rack are mounted to the edge of the lounger. A hole in the bed itself can be a problem when it comes to doing some neck and shoulder massage because the neck does not bend on such a bunk and this needs to be done with the help of extra cushions. In addition, it is always possible to adjust the distance of the face cushion from the bed. Some people have really long necks ...
By the way, the face cushion should have a slope on the inside to make it easier to lie down and rounded edges without pressing the eyebrows and forehead.

Auxiliary Holders

When massaging the elderly or the sick, it is difficult to place them on the lounger and then get up. Nothing requires a masseur to be a troublemaker because his abilities are not in the beast's strength. There should be at least a couple of support mounts on the bed to help the patient sit or lie down. This is not the case for mobile tables because they do not have them and the masseur will have to work with the patient.
These holders are usually needed for healing masseurs.

The width of the bed

The wider the berth, the more comfortable it is. Unfortunately, the width of the lounger also changes in price because more cover and other materials are needed for the production. The width of the bed should be 50-60 centimeters. A narrower massage table will simply be uncomfortable for larger body size patients. Some of them may even feel distressed, find it difficult to relax, which does not really contribute to a quality massage.

The color of the table

It does not seem to matter at all, but it certainly does not. Especially when choosing a stationary table. Mobile tables are mostly black or beige - neutral. Meanwhile, the colors of the stationary massage tables can be easily adapted to the interior of the room, as the skin color of the lounger can be chosen from several or even several variants. After all, the patient must be comfortable. Some stationary massage tables have so many mechanisms and functions that they resemble a dentist's or gynecologist's chair in some ways, which can cause unnecessary stress for some patients. By matching the colors to the interior, the table will not be distinguished from the existing environment. 

Massage tables cost a lot. Stationary tables cost 1000-3000 euros. You need to look very deep into their features before deciding to purchase one. Mobile tables cost 300-500 euros. Of course, there may be more expensive ones. This is a serious investment in the development of the masseur business. You can start with simpler ones, but later on, customers will appreciate professional equipment, not just handmade professionalism.