How to choose a food processor?

The food processor is perhaps the best-selling kitchen appliance. Due to its functionality, food processors are widely used both at home and in public catering. Today, when the choice of food processors is huge, choosing the right appliance can be difficult.

Where to start?

First, evaluate what features you need. The price of a food processor  will depend heavily on this. The most common functions of food processors are:
•    blender / mixer;
•    grinder;
•    cocktail maker;
•    grater (precision);
•    mincer;
•    coffee grinders.

It should be remembered that a food processor will not always perform as well as a specialized appliance. For example, in order to grind the meat well, it is sometimes better to buy a quality meat grinder separately.

When choosing a food processor, evaluate the price-quality ratio. Reliable manufacturers of food processors have a higher quality, which usually means longer life of the appliance. KITCHENAID food processor have been produced since the early 20th century. Reliable design and design have allowed these kitchen hosts to survive the market for centuries and seem to reign for years to come.

KITCHENAID food processors are made of quality steel, aluminum and plastic. Plastic food processors are cheaper, but their details are worn faster, scratches. Stainless steel cutter parts are more expensive, but safer for health, more resistant to mechanical scratches. They are characterized by stability, power and durability. It's a great combination of beauty and functionality.

The KITCHENAID product list includes a wide range of functions for food processors of different models and colors. For example, the KITCHENAID food processor 5KFP1335EOB shreds vegetables, mixes the dough, makes it easy to make sauces, rub the fruits and so on. t. Pure metal KITCHENAID food processors (stationary mixers) are mainly used for whipping, mixing and kneading. The cost of these food processors depends on engine power, number of accessories and design.
The 5KSM125 series KITCHENAID food processors are high quality pure metal stationary mixers designed for a wide variety of blends. Ten mixing speeds ensure that cream, cake dough and other favorite posters are crushed to perfection. The rubber sole provides better stability and protects the worktop from scratches.

The 5KSM175 series KITCHENAID food processors are exlusive by their wonderful color palette: white and gray in addition to bluish, green and many other colors, so you can choose the one that will best suit your kitchen interior. Also, the KITCHENAID mixers in this series have more accessories: a 3 liter metal bowl for mixing a smaller amount of dough, a tip for liquid products; Anti-splash protection allows you to prepare food safely and hygienically.
The models in this series have a 300-watt motor that is directly connected to the blender, so it is enough energy for using appliance at home. The engine of this power works quietly and smoothly, allowing the dough to flatten evenly to the required friability, which is very important for the quality of the bakery.

In terms of engines, high power does not automatically guarantee a better result. In this case, the lower-power engine not only uses less energy, but also ensures smoother work and hence a better result. The 5KSM125 and 5KSM175 series food processors have a foldable motor head, which ensures ease of use and cleaning.

The 5KSM7580 series KITCHENAID food processors have a more powerful 500-watt motor. The large metal bowl with handle allows you to prepare a large amount of flat at the same time, so the mixer is suitable not only for home use, but also for catering. The special feature of this series is that the engine head is not folded out, so that the bowl is conveniently placed in the mixer stand. This ensures greater stability, so the well-established bowl is suitable even for bread dough preparation. The special hood protects against splashing, so the cooking process is hygienic and comfortable.

The most expensive KITCHENAID food processors (eg 5KSM7990 series) are designed for professional cooking. Large container capacity, specialized features and reliable construction make it a very large cake,grind large amounts of potatoes and so on. The kitchen chefs are happy to meet these food processors.

If you want additional features, you can buy more accessories. Various KITCHENAID food processor accessories are on sale: juicers, crockery, grinder and cutter sets and so on. t. The KITCHENAID manufacturer's food processors accessories are suitable for many models and are of extremely high quality. They are a great addition to the classic KITCHENAID faucet models and give you even more order in your kitchen.

KITCHENAID food processors are unique in that the older accessories are also suitable for new KITCHENAID devices, so these food processors can be passed down from generation to generation! KITCHENAID has thought of every detail so you can enjoy the cooking process for years.

When choosing a food processor, pay attention to the manufacturer's warranty. A longer warranty period can lead to a higher price for the product. On the other hand, a longer warranty ensures that the food processor will last for several years. The KITCHENAID food processors mentioned above are distinguished by the fact that the manufacturer applies a five-year warranty.