How to choose a bread baking machine?

Those who had seen a loaf of bread lined on a lime in a ceramic brick kiln, where the wood was burning, are very fortunate. These are worthy shots of a documentary about antiquity. Those who visited a modern bakery and saw all of these conveyors and a few meters long oven should also be happy, because they could see the industrial baking of bread. Baking bread is no longer such an exotic process as it used to be for every family who likes good food. All you need is a toaster.

Breadmaker operation

How do bread baking machines work? Like multi-purpose pots, the bread is baked in a square pan that is heated from all sides. The bread frame usually has two heating elements, one at the top and the other at the bottom and around. This way the bread is baked at 360 degrees. Why two separate heating elements? One is designed to form a crust on the top of the bread, so it can be controlled individually.

The bread makers also has dough mixing spatulas. These are thin metal spatulas that are mounted on the bottom of the pot. You don't have to mix bread dough by hand - just put the ingredients in a container, set up the right program and shut down to start the appliance. First, the spatula turns on, which mixes and forms the dough, then the heating elements turn on and the bread is baked. The whole process takes about 3-5 hours, depending on the size of the loaf.

Bread can also be used for baking. True, there are not many of them. Then simply remove the mixing spatulas and place the prepared bun on the bottom of the bread pan. Some small pizzas manage to bake, not to mention cake or cookies.

Breadmaker power

Breadmaker - a long-lasting device. Bread is baked for several hours regardless of the power of the appliance. It should be remembered that the higher the power, the faster the dough is mixed and the faster it is heated to the required temperature. Powerful appliances do this in a matter of minutes, but when the baking process takes a few more hours, it can save you a great deal ... Usually 500-800W is sufficient for a bread baker. The need for more powerful breadcrumbs is relatively small.

Size of bread

The bread baking dish is quite small but tall. This way the loaf of bread can be of different sizes. They are usually labeled with clothing size symbols - M, L and XL. There is no need to interpret their meanings. These sizes also influence the baking time, as the XL loaf will certainly bake longer than the same L.

Bread Maker Programs

12 programs is such a standard. The most popular are simple baking, French bread (white bread), pizza, gluten free bread, quick baking, dough raising, jam, brown bread, pastry, whole grain bread and so on.

Gluten-free bread is a unique program that has made bread a daily diet for people with diabetes and other illnesses. This program is also used to prepare wholesome food. Whole grain bread is also a very popular program because it is adapted to dough, which is immediately mixed with whole grains and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower).
The jam program is less used in Lithuania because we prefer jams or frozen berries. The tradition of making jam is quite rare, but only in our countries.

Crustiness of the crust

Bread crust can also be selected when baking bread. The color of the crust depends on it. Very crispy crust is brown, medium crisp is light brown, and slightly crispy is brown or orange. Here you have to choose how everyone likes it.

Other bread maker features

There are 3 other important bread features that are really needed in modern homes:

  1. Audible alarm. A beep indicates that the bread is finished baking. In some models, beeps signal when and when to add extra products, such as seeds or raisins.
  2. Countdown timer. Want fresh bread for breakfast? Add food from the evening, set aside a few hours. At the appointed time, the bread maker will mix the dough and bake the bread. When you get up, you pull it out and enjoy the warm, fresh bread.
  3. Dosage of Supplements. Some models have special containers for dry bread supplements - raisins, seeds, nuts. At some point, the dispenser opens and removes all or part of these supplements - no need to open the hot appliance and do it yourself.

Some bread makers have transparent covers with backlighting so that the bread can be viewed. According to some experts, this is not a necessary function, because when the ingredients are added together correctly, the result is always the same ...

Breadmaker accessories

Breadmakers are sold with some useful additives. These are usually dosing teaspoons and containers. It also comes with a recipe book that lists how much salt, flour, water, butter and other ingredients you need to add. If the ingredients are added 'out of the eye', the result may not be as great. As a result, it is recommended to do everything exactly as prescribed. Of course, you can find even more of them online and enjoy homemade bread made around the world.

The bread prices are not very high. Simple bread makers cost 60-90 euros, those with more programs and features cost 100-180 euros.

Delicious homemade bread!