How to choose a blender?

In summer, the blender is used much more frequently than in winter, and the reason is very simple - the plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, which can quickly make a delicious and full of vitamins. In addition to carrots, apples, oranges, throw in avocado and a few nuts - not just a refreshing drink, but also a full dinner. How to choose a cocktail that is right for you. Here are a few tips to make.

Blender or proccesor?

Again, we encounter some misunderstandings and inaccuracies in terms. Let's explain who is who. We are talking about blenders that are designed to make green cocktails. Juicers are a little different device. Like a cocktail, it finely squeezes fruits and vegetables, but the difference is that it is not the whole mass that is drunk, but the liquid separated from the pulp. Another similar device is a food shredder. It's a stick with blades on the back. It may have a plastic or glass container resembling a cocktail container. Such a food shredder, also called a blender, can be used for rubbing soups in a pot. Of course, it can also make a cocktail, but its purpose is not exactly the same. The food processor is the same food shredder, but it is used for preparing solid food rather than liquid. It cuts the meat, makes a salad, but rarely adds liquid to his container.

Obviously, the device we describe is intended for liquid food, i.e. cocktails, so it is called cocktail. Blender is called and elongated, often a metal container with a lid used by bartenders to shake a cocktail. If we started to compare English names, such a bartender tool is called a "shaker".
Here are the main differences for you. Blender - Anglicism, which is not officially used, although it is widely used in society.

Blender power

When choosing a blender, you should look at the power of the engine. The more powerful the engine, the more revolutions it has. And that means the knife shreds the fruits and vegetables faster. Usually the power of the blender is 500-1800 W. There were more powerful ones in the past, but now you won't get much more than 2000 W devices in Europe. Unless it is a professional device used in catering establishments.

What power do you need?

If you want to shred a few apples and oranges with bananas, a 500 W cocktail will suffice. If you make professional cocktails with nuts and you want to crush the ice cubes to a solid mass you will need a more powerful. 1500 W will be enough. The only question is how long it takes to make a cocktail. Blender with weaker engines is made slower, so you will have to wear patience.

If your family is big and everyone in the morning has to drink a green cocktail to charge their vitamins for the whole day, choose the most powerful device possible.

Blender capacity

The power is directly related to the capacity of the blender bowl. The more powerful the blender, the higher the capacity can be used. Blender dishes usually range from 1 to 2 liters. Intermediate versions - 1.5 liters or even 1.75 liters.
If you drink cocktails at home, a 1 liter container will be enough. If you have a large family, choose a 2-liter container because in this case, all 4 people will have 500 ml of green cocktail. It will be enough for breakfast, but you will need to make more in order to take it to work or to the fitness club.

Blender dishes are made of glass or plastic. It's important.

Glass container or plastic?

A glass cocktail container is considered to be better than plastic. Why? Plastic is scratched if you are grinding hard food. In addition, the glass is easier to wash. Food and liquid do not change color from the glass container and do not lose nutritional properties. In addition, some of the cheaper models of cocktail plastic container may also contain toxic substances.

Plastic isn't bad. Only it should be of sufficient quality. Automatically higher quality costs more expensive, so when buying a cocktail for 30 euros do not expect high-quality plastic capacity.

When choosing expensive cocktails, pay attention to how many dishes you get. Some models have even three sizes of dishes. One is for a large amount of cocktail, the other is for a smaller amount, and it is also convenient to store in a refrigerator, and the third is usually a bottle size and suitable for putting in the bag and traveling to work or lessons. When three, instead of one, are added to the kit, it's no surprise that the price is higher than usual.

Removable knife

Maybe we will show up too much picky, but the removable knife can make the choice. Cocktail remains are left on the bottom when making cocktails in a narrow container. To wash them by hand, you risk cutting your fingers. Removable knife eliminates this problem because it can be washed separately.

When washing the dishwasher with the built-in knife in the dishwasher, you need to select more intensive washing modes to avoid food waste. Just washing is more easily when the sharp blade does not mix.

Ice crushing

Not all cocktails have this feature. Ice crushing is not necessary for everybody. After all, you do not produce sherbet every day. That is why you need to be careful and read the list of features. Why overpay for what you are not going to use often?

Pulse function

The pulse function is a special control when the engine is running only when you hold down the button. Usually everything goes like this: you put the products together, close the lid, set the power program and press the button. The engine rotates evenly, after a while you press the button again and the engine shuts down. With a pulsating function, the engine responds to the push of a button and thus changes speed and stops working. Such a feature is very helpful when you want to prepare a more liquid or thickened cocktail.

Body weight

Typically, you will not find the weight of the device in the technical specifications, but it is important. The heavier the body, the less vibration of the device. As a result, some manufacturers are proud of the fact that the body is made of metal rather than plastic. Plastic can be painted easily
with metal colour, so it's really not related to the design of the product.

Device height

If the appliance is very high, you will need a spacious shelf to build it. Of course, the container can be stored separately from the body, but then the space will be twice as much. If there is not much space in your kitchen, choose lower models if the features are the same as the higher ones. Space saving is also an important criterion.

There are other features that may require a choice of multiple models, but they are not essential. One of these is the safety features, such as the engine stops unintentionally when the cover is opened. Have a tasty cocktails!