How to choose a bathroom scales?

How to keep beautiful body lines? How to get rid of several or even a dozen unnecessary kilograms? A wide range of diet recipes, healthy eating tips are immense, but internal motivation plays a very important role in weight loss or effort to maintain it. What better motivates if the numbers at scales screen are not diminishing? In addition, specialists say that people who have scales at home and can weigh on a daily basis are much easier to maintain fine body lines.

Such detail as bathroom scales really has a lot of benefits for our health and beauty. So, if you decide to buy this device, it is likely that a number of questions have arisen: what to look out for? How to buy scales for accurate weight and long service? So try to find answers to these and other customer questions.

Electronic or mechanical scales?

Mechanical or analog bathroom scales are tempting for their simplicity and attractive price, available to everyone. On the other hand, the biggest drawback of these scales is accuracy. Compared to electronic weighing scales, they have a much larger error which can increase even more with the spring mechanism worn. Electronic or digital bathroom scales are extremely accurate, with a weight of about one tenth. True, the error may sometimes be higher, depending on the manufacturer's and device's parameters, so it's important to read the information carefully or consult a consultant. In addition, some modern digital scales also measure body mass index (BMI), store information, and are usually comparable to previous data and effectively track weight changes. Of course, the more features a digital bathroom scales have, the higher their cost. On the other hand, the saying that quality does not cost cheap is not broken from the finger.

Display settings

Traditional analog scales usually do not stand out with sophisticated designs or large screens, so sometimes it is difficult to see their exact readings, and when you bend over, the numbers start moving to the big one, to the smallest side. And this is where the market for digital bathroom scales is much wider, with a wide range of design devices available, including those with extra-large screens, so it's easy to see what they're showing. In addition, the scales of some electronic scales are illuminated, so we can weigh in the dark. This is especially true for those who plan to keep the scales in the bedroom and do not want to wake up a sleeping partner in the morning by lighting the room. Finally, it is important to note that some companies produce scales for people with special needs, such as those who are poorly sighted or blind. Such smart digital scales display the voice.

Types of scales

Bathroom scales are usually divided into two groups - standard floor scales, which are simply placed on the floor and fixed scales. The latter scales are used by doctors, measuring not only weight, but also height. In addition, they are accurate. Today, we can find such stationary scales for home, but you should ask yourself whether this type of scales is the right choice if you have a small bathroom or have a very modern interior style at home. With floor scales, you can always change their location, easily move them to another room, etc. Doing this with stationary scales is much more complicated because they are heavy and take up a lot of space. On the other hand, these scales look quite original in country, vintage or Provence style.

Weighing intervals according to your needs

When buying the scales, pay attention to the weight range. Some analog or digital scales weigh up to 130 kg, some up to 150 kg. If your family does not have a large overweight person, this parameter is probably not relevant to you, but you should also pay attention to the minimum weight shown by the scales. One bathroom scales show the exact weight from 5 kg, the other from 3 kg or less. So, if you have a pet that needs to gain or lose weight, the scales with a wider weighing range will definitely work.

Style and design are not in the last place

If you hold the scales in a bath, corridor or other visible place at home, you are likely to weigh much more often. Meanwhile, it may well be that the bathroom scales underneath the bed or chest of a bedroom will only accumulate dust and will be of little use. So to keep the scales in a visible place, they have to fit in with the home interior and look nice. The great thing is that today we can find the most unexpected and original models of scales that will find their place in the home of both classic and urban interior. On the other hand, it should be kept in mind that scales are exactly the same thing as a cup or a flower vase: dust is accumulated on them, they getting dirty and require extra care. So if you don't have the time or the desire to clean the scales every other day, if you have pets or children, choose non-encrusted colors, such as gray.

Transparent glass or varnish scales are also suitable.

Additional features

Analog bathroom scales have only one function - to weigh. Meanwhile, modern digital scales, as mentioned earlier, can measure body mass index, save data, some scales measure even body fat percentage and other body scores. Of course, every additional feature increases the price of a bathroom scales, but if you focus on your health, this investment will definitely be beneficial.

So what to choose? Digital bath scales have much more advantages over analogue devices: they show more accurate weight, are more modern and comfortable, but the analog scales are tempting at an attractive price, so the choice depends only on your own criteria for bathroom scales.